Fast 22 Cymbal Bags

Available in black, plaid, & vintage brown.

Get in and out of the gig fast. With Fast 22 you can enjoy the speed provided by the Fast Hat Pocket. Then use the comfort straps, strap it on and you're out. Fits up to 22” cymbals.

FAST 22 SFAST22 Black Buy It Now Find a Dealer
FAST 22 BOLD F22BPD Plaid Buy It Now Find a Dealer
FAST 22 VINTAGE F22VBWN Vintage Brown Buy It Now Find a Dealer

Fast Hat Pocket

No more fumbling and lost clutches! Our Fast Hat Pocket completely eliminates the need to remove your Hi-Hat clutch. The top Hi-Hat slips right into the bag, protecting your Hats and making setup and teardown faster and easier.


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