A perfect mix of metals gives the hybrid blend a natural EQ performance. PHOSPHOR BRONZE: • Secret bronze formula developed specifically for snare applications • An especially tight wind delivers additional snare-to-drum head contact • Both the metal and the wind are designed to maximize attack STAINLESS STEEL: • 8 strands of high-carbon stainless steel in the center • A larger wind increases the space between winds and reduces snare-to-head contact • Delivers a fatter tone that is less staccato The combination of the specially formulated metals makes it easier to get a great snare drum sound.

SABIAN Blend Hybrid 42 Snare Wire

What a combination. The extra-wide version of the Hybrid has just the right mix of Phosphor Bronze and Stainless Steel all calibrated exactly for a fast, fat tone.

SABIAN Blend Hybrid 20 Snare Wire

"From the metal innovators at SABIAN comes a new secret formula for great snare tone. The Hybrid model uses what we call a 6-8-6 blend. That special blend utilizes differences both in metal and wire wind density to deliver the exact sound desired. The two sixes in the 6-8-6 combination is six phosphor bronze strands on the outsides of the Hybrid 20. These strands are made from a special B8 phosphor bronze formulated just for snares. Those strands are wound with an especially tight wind, which delivers additional snare-to-drum head contact. Resulting in a crisp tight attack from these strands. The “8” in the 6-8-6 blend is for the eight strands of high-carbon stainless steel found in the center of this great snare wire. The steel naturally produces a fatter tone that is less staccato when compared to the bronze wire. This is augmented by the use of a larger wind, which increases the space between winds and reduces snare-to-head contact. Blending together the specially manufactured wires gives the SABIAN Hybrid Custom Snare Wires a unique natural EQ effect making it easier to get that perfect snare tone that you are hearing in your head. "


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