Charlie Cooley

COUNTRY Canada      


Charlie Cooley's musical take on drumming has kept this youthful Canadian drummer busy playing with some of the biggest and best names in the business. Sure, he's capable of blowing chops and knocking off odd-times with ease. But in the real world it's musicianship and taste that get the gigs. With a long list of credits including chart-topper Amanda Marshall, latin-fusioneers Manteca, Canadian country kings Prairie Oyster, British blues pioneer Long John Baldry, and solo star Jimmy Rankin, Charlie has proven time and again that making music on the drums is what matters most. One minute funky like Little Feat, the next soulful like James Brown. Or maybe it's a matter of playing a straight-up pop groove; Charlie does it all. And he does it really well. You've probably heard Charlie Cooley. If you haven't, maybe you should. Because when it comes to tasty drumming with feel and the ability to rock out with excitement, Charlie rules.

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