Joe Nunez



Now preparing for his 5th album with Max Cavalera's Soulfly, Joe Nunez continues to be the rhythmic and devastating driving force on drums. Since his debut on their sophomore Cd "Primitive," Joe has recorded "Prophecy," "Dark Ages," and the most recent, "Conquer" to date. In 2006, Joe then teamed up with Slug Percussion to help develop the "UNI-BADGE," a vented impact pad designed to protect drumheads and increase sound projection. Throughout his career, Joe has gone on to play many different styles of music, however, his approach to the "classic drum setup" displays his true creativity, especially for Heavy Metal music. "Combining different styles with dynamics and intensity has always been such a huge part of Soulfly's sound, and the less I have to distract me, to MORE ideas happen to just flow!!"

This Chicago native also co-founded the riot starting, body rocking group known as Slampede, a classic grind blasting hard core punk/speed band from the Chicago land area. With plans to record a full length cd soon, Joe and Slampede will be planning on playing throughout the Midwest in 2010. Until then, he continues to work with both bands while experimenting with sounds and rhythms for his future projects. In the meantime, a U.S. tour for Soulfly's "Conquer" will begin on late Sept. 30, 2009 with a new Soulfly recording soon to follow.

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