John Molo

COUNTRY United States      


The success of Bruce Hornsby and the Range with albums including The Way It Is, Scenes from the Southside, Night on the Town, Harbour Lights and Hot House, brought the tasty drumming of John Molo to the world, with the Grammy-winning drummer (w/Asleep at the Wheel, Branford Marsalis) revealing himself as a diverse and tasteful musician. John connected with Hornsby at the University of Miami, where they studied alongside other great musicians including Pat Metheny. In '87 John and Bruce signed a recording deal as Bruce Hornsby & The Range and had a huge hit with The Way It Is. Being adverturous, John pursued other interests, burning on Hendrix-type tunes with top session guitarist Tim Pierce and Chicago's bassist/vocalist Jason Scheff. He's added drums to Mickey Hart's Planet Drum and he tours with Phil Lesh and Friends, as the Grateful Dead bassist delivers intelligent jamming to the masses. Plus John has his own band Modereko. Check him out!