Jon Farriss

COUNTRY Australia      


A drummer's drummer by any standards, Jon Farriss knows his craft well. A gifted musician, Jon has been a prolific writer and producer inside and outside of INXS for many years. Away from the band, an avid traveler and citizen of the world, Jon leads a life of creative determination and intellectual fulfillment on many levels.
Jonathon James Farriss was born August 10, 1961 in Perth, Western Australia. The youngest of the Farriss brothers, Jon also has a younger sister, Alison. Turning pro at 16, Jon began learning the drums when he was just four years old. As part of cover band Top Cat, Jon gained invaluable experience with different musical styles - from rock to cabaret. A chance jam between members of Jon's brother's two bands (Guinness and Doctor Dolphin) led to him joining them to become The Farriss Brothers. When the Farriss family moved across the continent from Sydney to Perth in 1978 with Jon still in school, the entire band followed in order to stay together until he could graduate and play drums full time for what was to eventually become INXS in 1979.
More recently Jon has drummed to a billion-strong TV audience for Japanese band Love Psychedelica at the World Peace Awards as filled in for Toto's legendary Simon Phillips for 3 shows learning Toto's set in just 24 hours. The year ahead holds many new things for INXS and Jon is an important part of the changes to come. Jon: We have very high expectations for ourselves and take what we do very seriously. INXS is a most beautiful gift, and I thank all our fans for supporting us for all these years.

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