Jorge Ignacio Forero Quintero

COUNTRY Colombia      


Jorge has played the instrument for 18, always in constant search of his own style and sound. He has participated in major events and concerts as Hell and Heaven Metal fest 2013, Rock al Parke 2009, Hip Hop al Parque 2012, Shock Awards 2012, Bass Collective LA, First meeting of Drummers, Green Moon Festival, was invited to the Panama Drum Festival in 2009 along figures like Walfredo Reyes, has played with Dom Famularo in 2007 and his last clinic 2011 Jam Fest equally Waldo Madera.


Jorge also played with bassist and composer, Grammy Award winner and director of Berklee, Oscar Stagnaro, with bassist of band Mars Volta, Juan Alderete. has participated in several concerts for television with Canal City TV, RCN TV, etc … School Founder and director of DrumBoom! from 2010.


He has played more than 40 clinics and seminars locally besides a busy schedule including teaching, recording session with local artists, and projects such as: Wolfine, Master Chris, Stokoff, Andres Osorio, the famous Grammy-winning saxophonist Justo Almario, Profetas, Cesar Arroyo, Quintavany, Camo, Ramon Benitez, producer Danilo Gossain, German Sampling, Gatopia (personal project of fusion) Julian’s Fire, etc...


Jorge Plays also Mapex drums, Monocreators Cases, Los Cabos Drumsticks and Aquarian Drumheads.

Gilberto Moreaux


Dirk Brand


Paul DeLong

Sessions / The Code

Harry Stinson

Session / Marty Stuart

Terreon Gully

Dianne Reeves, Joe Locke’s Liap, Christian Mcbride’s The Movement, Stefon Harris Blackout, Robi Boto, The Stones Project



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