Percussion spectacular Noise Ensemble was established in 2002 by composer and drummer Ethan Lewis Maltby. Blending Maltby's unique percussion score with dynamic lighting, high-octane choreography and stunning visual effects, Noise Ensemble's virtuoso performers have brought audiences to their feet across the UK. Putting drums quite literally in the spotlight, Noise Ensemble does for drumming what Riverdance did for Irish dancing, introducing new generations to the power of percussion. No strangers to the international circuit, Noise Ensemble has taken its rousing beat to audiences as far afield as Holland, Belgium, Russia, Cyprus, Norway and Korea. Noise Ensemble launched a best-selling album in 2007.

Joby Burgess

Power Plant / Freelance / Independent

John Wooton

University Of Southern Mississippi - Kaiso

Christopher Swist

New Britain Symphony

Brooks Truly

Freelance / Educator

Nick Terry

Los Angeles Percussion Quartet, Ensemble Xii, Sharp Three