Yanic Bercier

COUNTRY Canada      
GROUP Quo Vadis / MAG Project / Violence Unleashed      


Yanic Bercier is recognized as one of the metal genre's most musical and technical drummers. Acclaimed for his double bass drumming speed and endurance, with 16th notes over 235 bpm, Yanic has energized the music which he has accompanied since 1989. His metal, funk, progressive, and rock influences are mixed together, into a style that became his own. Mostly renowned for his work with the Canadian heavy metal band Quo Vadis, he has performed as a session drummer, live and studio, for other international bands such as Violence Unleashed, MAG Project and Empyreal Dominion. His experience in the studio and his Bachelor in Engineering Physics, Masters and Ph.D. in Physics, have provided him with the technical background required to engineer his own recordings. He is currently in the process of building a new recording studio for his sessions work. The studio will cover near 2000 square feet of floor space and will feature high quality audio production, with custom acoustic design and high quality signal chain and processing tools.

In Modern Drummer Magazine's words about Yanic's playing in Quo Vadis, "...This guy can play, as his blinding chop infestations and shifting time signatures on 'In Contempt' and 'To The Bitter End' demonstrate..." (August 2005 issue). Yanic adds, "I have been fortunate to have opportunities to play with many great musicians. Their differences in vision and direction, have enabled me to push my limits as a musician and artist. Every session is an intense experience.

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