Dave Weckl is obsessed with his 17" HHX Evolution Effeks Crash

Ever since he can remember, Dave Weckl has been surrounded by fast cars. Little wonder he's Obsessed with racing them, especially his 505HP Corvette Z06. It goes from 0 to 60 in just over 3 seconds, while responding to his every input, his every touch.

But Dave's #1 Obsession is his daughter Claire. Giving her the opportunity to find herself and nurturing what it is that makes her happy is the most important thing in Dave's life. As it turns out, that happens to be a career in singing and playing guitar. And that's just fine by Dave, who happens to be Obsessed with sound.

In fact, Dave is so Obsessed with sound that he has taken upon himself the role of sound man when he plays. His set up includes not only his drums, but mics and a mixing console so he can sub-mix his own sounds for the front-of-house.

So it makes perfect sense that Dave is Obsessed with his 17" HHX Evolution Effeks Crash. It's a high-fidelity cymbal, with a beautiful, clear high end sound that's never harsh, and projects incredibly well. There's no other cymbal quite like it, and it's why Dave worked with SABIAN to create the entire line of HHX Evolution cymbals.


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