Jojo Mayer is obsessed with his 22" AAX OMNI

Jojo Mayer is Obsessed with magic. For Jojo, magic is a way to transform the world into a different reality, into a childlike way of looking at things where everything is possible. It's a short feeling that may only last a few seconds, but it makes the hair on the back of his neck stand on end.

Creating new beats is a totally magical experience for Jojo. He's Obsessed with new beats, they excite him because anything is possible. It's a way to tap into a vast ocean of new possibilities without constraint. And Jojo is always reaching for something unexpected, something that takes a left turn.

Which is why he's Obsessed with the AAX OMNI. OMNI is a cymbal that offers new experiences and entices Jojo to play new beats. It leads him to new places that he didn't know he could go. With its distinctive feels - soft and hard, hot and cold - OMNI delivers focused, clear sound. But the further out you go, you can wrap the entire stage into a big, ambient sound. We're pretty sure that's why Jojo and SABIAN product specialist Mark Love Obsessed so much with getting it right.