Tim Yeung is obsessed with his 18" B8 Pro Chinese

Tim Yeung is Obsessed with cars, especially American vintage muscle cars. He works on them. He drives them. He shows them. And he races them. Cars have been a huge part of his life from a young age. You could say he's Obsessed with Speed and Power.

Which makes total sense when you watch him play drums, another of his Obsessions. Tim has excelled at drums ever since he picked up his first set of sticks. Inspired at a very young age by the theatrics of rock bands like KISS, Tim plays with speed and power that very few players can match.

It's why he's Obsessed with his 18" B8 Pro China. It's explosive, loud, colourful and trashy, and it feels great. So Tim can play with all the speed, power and aggression he can muster and his B8 Pro China gives a little, but never breaks.


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