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Area 51 Prototypes

Prototypes Curated for Your Kit. Area 51 is Open.

Area 51 is Open

There is a room inside of SABIAN that we call “Area 51”. Our best artists and cymbal makers have spent hours in this room and, for the first time ever, we are opening it up and showing everyone what’s inside! Every cymbal in here has an incredible story, and we could not be more excited about introducing these one-of-a-kind masterpieces to the world.

Area 51 Cymbals

22” Alex Acuña Prototype

Storied Peruvian drummer, Alex Acuña, brought me a very old cymbal that he found and wanted replicated. It’s a challenge to attempt to copy an old cymbal with inconsistent thickness and shape, but we’re always up for a challenge. We made a few of these and Alex was thrilled with the results. Now, years later, these cymbals have matured while aging in Area 51 and are perfect for players looking for that old school sound.

22” HH Prototype

Chinese artist Bei Bei is an icon in both the Rock and Roll and Jazz genres. His diverse love of music and wide range of expertise make him an incredibly unique performer on the international scene. It should come as no surprise then, that this cymbal we made for him would be equally one-of-a-kind. It has a mini bell and is totally raw except for a small edge lathing on top to allow the cymbal to breath and open up. It is actually 21 ½” in diameter, fully hand hammered, and has a controlled attack; but is very open for a mostly raw design.

20” HHX Prototype

I love when drummers use their imaginations to help push the boundaries and
create new ideas. This is a cymbal we made for a customer through our Custom Shop program and I liked it so much that I made a few more. This cymbal is based on the complex thin ride design, but made like a duo ride with an unlathed center and 4” lathed area on the edges. It has that great dark, complex sound yet retains stick definition and crashability.

22” HH Prototype

Legendary jazz drummer Jack DeJohnette is an absolute genius when it comes to
envisioning new products and how they can fit into his evolving sound. This cymbal was developed while working with Jack on the shimmering ride limited edition model. We did multiple versions and this was the preferred candidate through most of the R+D of this cymbal. It is a fully hand hammered cymbal with a raw bell, and a close relative of the shimmering ride, but with an added sound control edge.