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2010 Cma Awards

The 44th annual CMA Awards show took place in Nashville recently. Congratulations to the following SABIAN artists on their awards and nominations: Keith Zebroski (Miranda Lambert), Chris McHugh (Keith Urban), Tommy Harden (Reba McEntire), Al Wilson (Taylor Swift), Garrett Goodwin (Carrie Underwood), Jim Riley (Rascal Flatts), Trey Gray (Brooks & Dunn), William Ellis (Montgomery Gentry), and Rich Redmond (Jason Aldean).

Rich, Jim, Tommy, Al, Chris, Keith, Garrett & Stefanie Eulinberg (Kid Rock) also had sensational performances during the show.

Chris McHugh brought a pair of kits on the show. For his Keith Urban performances, cymbals included a 23” Artisan Ride, 20” and 22” Artisan Crashes, 16” Hats and a Prototype China. For his Tribute performance kit he played a 21” Artisan Ride, 18” and 19” Evolution Crashes, and 15” Manhattan Hats. Garrett Goodwin also brought two kits on the show, both featuring a 24” Prototype ride and 18” Paragon Hats!

Jim Riley brought his 22” Ride 20, 18” and 19” Crashes, 13” Hats and various Splashes and Max Stacks. Keith Zebroski played a 22” Ride 20, 22” Vault Crash and 18” AA Hats. Stefanie Eulinberg sported a 22” Paragon Ride, 16”, 17” and 18” AA Crashes, 20” China and 14” B8 Pro Hats.

Rich Redmond sent us this list of his Road and Session rig gear: 15" AA Rock Hats, 12" HHX Mini Chinese with a 12" HHX Splash mounted on top, a pair of 19" or 20" Vault Signature Crashes, a 20" Evolution Ride or a 24" AA Rock Ride, 15" AA Hats mounted on a cable hat, and a 19" Paragon or Devastation Chinese (20" Ozone Crash for session work).

For his CMA Award show rig, Rich played 15" AA Hats, 21" AA Medium Ride, 19" AA Crash and a 19" Vault Signature Crash.

It was a particularly great show for Rich given that Jason Aldean just had the biggest selling debut by a male country artist of the past 3 years. Be sure to catch Rich during the "Artist Of The Year" Special airing December 3 on CMT, and the American Country Music Awards in Las Vegas on December 6.

Special thanks to SABIAN artist Herb Shucher (Randy Travis) for this coverage of the CMA Award show.


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