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For SABIAN endorsers, a trip to the cymbal maker’s factory in Meductic, NB, Canada has always been a treat on a number of levels. First, the factory is situated on stunningly beautiful grounds facing the Saint John River, so the trip provides a serene getaway from busy tour and studio schedules. Second, it’s a great way to get reacquainted with SABIAN’s vast product offering. But most importantly, it’s a valuable opportunity to work one-on-one with the experts and artisans in the SABIAN Vault.

This one-on-one experience is exactly what the new SABIAN Experience channel is designed to capture. While most customers will never have the opportunity to set foot in the Vault, they can now do so virtually. The SABIAN Experience Channel will capture artists working with the Vault team, creating innovative, custom cymbals or simply tweaking current models to get them to sound “just-so”.

The expertise of the SABIAN Vault team – the primary reason artists make the long journey to Meductic – will be the primary focus of the new channel. Watching SABIAN product specialists working on-site with artists to create custom sounds will be “must-watch” video for drummers and cymbal enthusiasts. It serves to underline how 30+ years of designing innovative products in the Vault for artists and customers from every genre imaginable has resulted in cymbal experts that lead the world.

We’re happy to be able to demonstrate our expertise to customers around the world. Seeing the interplay between our Vault team and world-renowned artists will not only be entertaining, but also educational,” says Mark Love, SABIAN Master Product Specialist. “The channel could also be a great starting point for anyone interested in ordering custom cymbal models.

The SABIAN Experience channel is available at


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