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Aaron Rossi And Tomas Haake – C*u*latour

Ministry and Meshuggah came through
Los Angeles recently
camping out at the House of Blues on Sunset Blvd for three straight nights. Al
Jourgensen is hanging up Minsitry, which explains the C*U*LaTour name. So, don’t miss your chance to see these
Industrial Metal innovators one last time. SABIAN artist Aaron Rossi from Prong was enlisted to play
drums on this tour,
filling the chair vacated by Joey Jordison. Aaron brings a powerful approach to
the kit that this gig requires. He says, "I’ve got to be able to bash out a
powerful slow groove and then go right into blast! I’m really having a good time
playing in Ministry. Al is a legend


Opening this tour is Meshuggah from
Sweden, who just released a new
album called obZen. Tomas Hakke invited a bunch of us to the
listening party in January. Roy
(Stone Sour), Gene
(Strapping Young Lad) and I went to pay tribute to the band
and get a sneak peak of their new album. We were blown away by the new music! By
the time the third track,
Bleed,was being
played we all looked at each other in disbelief because it was obviously a
masterpiece. Technicality is one thing, but the power can’t be denied. Am I
really hearing this?! When I saw their set at House of Blues I was thinking
there’s no way they’ll play Bleedlive –
it’s too complex. Well,
stupid me. They nailed
it and killed the place! All I could say to Tomas was, "I’m glad you’re drumming
instead of invading and swinging an ax at me!

Catch the modern metal Vikings
opening for Ministry on the North American leg. First, go here and listen to
Bleed, one of the
most brutal metal recordings ever. Yes, EVER!! Then, go buy the album. It’s


For those of you who
do not embarrass easy, this was recently posted on Meshuggah’s

To all you MESHUGGAH
maniacs out there…Bleed is one of
the most challenging tracks on the recently released, critically acclaimed
MESHUGGAH, obZen.Do you
think you can compete with the drumming intensity of MESHUGGAH’s Tomas Haake?
Well, prove it!Record your best


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