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After A 3-year Hiatus, Rhythm Is Back!

SABIAN Artists Walfredo Reyes Jr., Phil Maturano, and Claus Hessler have all confirmed they will be on hand to participate in RHYTHM, seven enlightening days of celebrating the art of percussion and drums. Inside the stunningly beautiful environment of the Bavarian Musicacademy in Markoberdorf, Germany, these and many more world class artists will share their vast knowledge with percussionists and drummers of every stripe, whether professionals, students, advanced amateurs or teachers. The seminar is not suitable for beginners. Seminar languages are German and English.

The Seminar includes:

– Morning warm-up sessions
– 18 hours of lessons within groups of 10 students
– Individual presentations by teachers
– Workshops
– Evening concerts (free admission)
– A comprehensive exhibition of music, instruments and recordings

Internationally renowned for its high quality teaching courses, it’s been three years since this seminar was last held. The seminar begins July 22 and ends July 29. Accommodations are available at the Academy. Please contact the Academy directly for more information and booking reservations., or visit their website at www.modakademie.de.

Bayerische Musikakademie Marktoberdorf


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