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April Fools Gag Is No Joke: SABIAN Custom Shop

For years, SABIAN has innovated cymbals that push your sound to the limit. This year, we beat everyone to the punchline with the next BIG thing: a giant 40” AAX-XL Crash.

When we released this April Fools gag, we had no idea we’d get so much love from the community. Here’s what drummers said:

The funny truth here is—although 40” cymbals are not available—you CAN order a custom cymbal in other sizes and your own style. That’s the whole point of SABIAN Custom Shop. As drummers, we know how important it is to have a unique sound, so we offer custom builds to help you bring your sound to life.

Recently, we worked with drum expert Dave Elitch (Mars Volta, Killer Be Killed, Antemasque, Justin Timberlake) to help create his own kit. This was his setup:

15” Hats – Artisan Hammered (HH & HHX) with an unlathed medium weight top, pinpoint-lathed medium-heavy bottom, large bells and a medium height profile.

Left Crash – 21” HHX X-Treme style crash with an Artisan raw bell.

Ride – 22” Artisan style with extra dense hand hammering and additional HHX hammering. Medium weight with extremely high profile, large bell, fully unlathed but buffed to a brilliant finish.

Upper Right Crash – 22” HHX Legacy style Crash with large bell and additional sparse Hand Hammering.

Far Right Crash – 21” HHX X-treme style Crash with a large bell, Jack Dejohnette signature Encore sandblasted finish and line lathed top and bottom.

Elitch also unleashed four live session recordings while laying into his cymbals for the first time. That day, we caught up with him in the studio to talk about life as a professional drummer and teacher, drumming philosophies, thoughts on social media, and developing his artistic voice. Check out what he had to say here.

The real question, though, is what do you have to say, and how are you going to create your next sound?

Creating your own custom cymbals is a simple three-step process:

Build your cymbal. Visit sabiancustomshop.com to walk through the step-by-step process for each stage of the design process.
Consult with a SABIAN sound specialist. A SABIAN sound specialist will be your liaison in making sure you get the sounds you’re really looking for.
Order from a local music store. Visit your favorite drum shop or music store to pay for and pick up your custom cymbals.


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