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Artist Update – Derrick Mckenzie/sola Akingbola

After a too-long absence, Jamiroquai recently opened for the legendary Stevie Wonder at Hard Rock Calling, in London’s Hyde Park, and are now on the road performing new material at festivals throughout Europe. Although the band has been quiet on the charts during the last few years, nothing can diminish their fan loyalty and their power to draw crowds. Groove driven, soulful jazz funk; the Jamiroquais sound is driven by the combined percussive rhythms of Derrick McKenzie on drums and Sola Akingbola on percussion.

Derrick loves the HHX Evolution series of cymbals and currently uses the new AAX X-Plosion Fast Crashes in his set-up: “They are so responsive and are great to record with too. They’re my favorite choice of crashes.” Check out for more details.


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