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Bashiri Johnson – Artist Update

Whether it be New York’s Madison Square Garden, Radio City or Grammy’s Night at The Staples Center in Los Angeles, one thing’s for sure, SABIAN’s Bashiri Johnson will likely have performed there recently, or else he’ll soon be on his way back for yet another gig.
One of the Music Industry’s  most ‘in-demand’ percussionists, Bashiri Johnson, has recently hit the European road throughout April and May with Multi Award winning Artiste Whitney Houston.

In a career spanning over 30 years,  Bashiri’s recording and/or touring schedule has seen his percussion expertise lay down the groove for such a vast array of artists, even he can’t rely on immediate recall to list his credits.
Steve Winwood, Madonna, Miles Davis, Donald Fagen, Ray Charles, The Spice Girls to name but a few, have seen Bashiri as their first call to bring his blend of percussion   which he so easily colors into the mix of their great productions.

When Grammy Award Winning Artiste Whitney Houston launched her 2010 Tour, SABIAN grabbed the chance to catch up with Bashiri to hear what latest innovations he has added into his set-up.

In a Tour which has already travelled Seoul, Toyko, Sydney,  Paris and London, you can catch up with Bashiri as the tour heads through Central Europe into Berlin, Hamburg, Vienna, Antwerp, Stockholm, Copenhagen & Helsinki.

You can check out Bashiri’s set up

According to Bashiri, “That’s what’s so cool about SABIAN, they cater for all genres of drumming. Whether it be APX  for the Heavy Metal bands hitting the Warped Tour, the warm dark sounds of Hand Hammered for the Vienna Philharmonic or high energy drive of AAX  for Rock, Pop or R&B like the current  Whitney Houston Tour,  SABIAN has all those sounds covered.
When I first started playing percussion, “a cymbal was a cymbal”, there was no innovative sounds until SABIAN came along and created a whole new dimension.
That’s when it all opened up, now you go into a store and all the cymbals company’s are doing it too…..it’s great… drummers have more choice of cymbal sounds today than they ever did so we all should say a big thanks to SABIAN !

As the relationship has continued to prosper and be cherished by both, it’s those years of mutual admiration and collaboration which ultimately help bring new sounds to the fore as recently as The Choppers. “ With a rapid burst of white noise that cuts with precision and clarity. The chopper is perfect for playing fast, punchy accents, raw rhythms and tight rolls.
Available in 8’’  10” & 12”



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