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Bashiri Johnson Launches

New CD and Video Campaign Raises Awareness Aimed at Widespread Demonstration of Love and Support

Internationally renowned percussionist Bashiri Johnson (Michael Jackson, Whitney Houston, Sting), has just completed a contemporary reworking of the iconic song “I’ll Be Home For Christmas”. Both the song and accompanying video have been dedicated to US troops at home and abroad. The USO and the Vietnam Veterans Of America will receive proceeds from the record sales. “I’ll Be Home For Christmas” will also be the first single from the newly released Roots’n’Rhythm holiday CD “I’ll Be Dreaming”, mixed and mastered by Darren Moore at Manhattan Center Studio.

In addition, on November 18, 2010, Bashiri launched a “Viral Explosion of Love”. A campaign aimed at demonstrating a widespread expression of love and support for US troops, it’s open to participation by anyone, regardless of political stripe and stance on the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan. No monetary contribution is required. Bashiri and his partner Jahstix Dadson, along with several New York City school children, officially launched the campaign with a mini-performance on the steps of City Hall in New York City. Also on hand were veterans, active servicemen and women of the Marine Corps and a representative of the Mayor’s Office.

Bashiri hopes to have no fewer than one million viewers of the video by Christmas Eve. “I’ll Be Home For Christmas” was directed and produced by Agnes J. Garfield of Media Jester. Each view demonstrates love and support show for our troops.

“There are many ways to show support for those we care about: hugs, kisses, smiles, kind words. Through the “Viral Explosion of Love” campaign, we can show support for US troops simply by watching the video”, says Bashiri. “The more clicks the video gets, the more love we will be spread. The troops are surely loved and supported. Imagine their excitement as they watch the number of views explode throughout the holiday season!”

Watch the video and buy the CD here:


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