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Bobby Sanbria Presents Jazz Clinic For Omea

Bobby Sanabria recently presented a jazz clinic at the annual 2011 Ohio Music Education Association (OMEA) Conference in Cincinnati. LP, Remo, SABIAN, Tama, and Vic Firth products were exclusively used and displayed. Logistics and promotion for Bobby’s presentation were provided by The Roberto Ocasio Foundation with assistance from JECO (Jazz Education Connection of Ohio), a member of OMEA and a chapter of JEN (Jazz Education Network).

The Latin Side of Jazz—Not Just a Footnote” was extremely well attended with 100+ music educators, band directors, and high-school and college music students sitting and standing, closely fitting into the conference space. Bobby’s outstanding reputation definitely preceded him, and the audience relished the energy, spontaneity, and spirit he generated along with the fascinating history of Latin Jazz. His Power Point presentation highlighted many historic photos authenticating specific Latin artists who have not only contributed to the Latin Jazz genre but who have also played major roles in the birth and development of Jazz itself. As his program concluded, a significant number of attendees previously unaware of the depth of the Latino involvement left knowing and appreciating its powerful role of yesterday and today. Bobby’s participation also created an important step forward relative to OMEA’s rcognition of Jazz, as its past focus has been primarily on traditional band and orchestral music education. Progress was evidenced by the turnout for Bobby’s clinic and by the first appointment of a Jazz educator/musician to the OMEA Board–JECO’s President, Dr. Jeff Boehm of Bluffton University.

JECO Intercollegiate Big Band — An unexpected privilege arose with an invitation for Bobby to be guest artist with the JECO Intercollegiate Big Band, Ohio’s top jazz students from around the State. So, after the clinic, with little time to spare, Bobby headed off to the University of Cincinnati Conservatory of Music to rehearse and work with the students and their director, Dr. Scott Belck, for a special Friday-night JECO jazz concert, which turned out to be a packed house of Conference attendees.

As Dr. Belck stated in a post-Conference letter to Bobby, “It was absolutely a blast playing with you, and I know the kids and the audience totally dug where you were coming from musically and personally…. Plus, I appreciated that you walked through the door kicking ass! This is something a lead trumpeter can really appreciate.

The Conference also presented opportunities for Bobby to make new acquaintances that included Conference exhibitors, the JECO Board of Directors and Members, and Conference attendees who stopped to meet Bobby at the JECO exhibit booth.


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