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Brooks & Dunn ‘last Rodeo’ Tour Powered By Gray And Redmond

SABIAN Artists Trey Gray and Rich Redmond have been doing dates together on The Brooks And Dunn 'Last Rodeo' Tour. From the looks of things, the guys are having  a great time hamming it up. Trey is playing 18" Hi Hats with a Signature Saturation top and a 18" AA Medium Crash bottom, a 22" Medium Thin Crash and a 22"  Signature Liquid Ride. Rich is playing a mix of lines: 15" AA Rock Hats, a 12" HH Mini Chinese mounted on a 12" AA splash, a 24" custom made AA Rock Ride, 2 19" Vault Saturation Crashes and a 20" Paragon Chinese.

"Trey is a total showman who feels the groove in the core of his soul and it really shows. We have tons of fun watching each other play. I can't wait for the last week of pranks", says Redmond.

April 23: Sacramento, CA
April 24: Mountain View, CA
April 30: Spokane, WA

May 1: Tacoma, WA
May 2: Vancouver, WA
May 14: St Paul, MN
May 15: Bloomington, IL
May 16: Columbus, OH
May 21: Phoenix, AZ
May 22: Albuquerque, NM
May 27: Wichita, KS
May 28: Tulsa, OK
May 29: Dallas, TX
May 30: Baton Rouge, LA

June 3: Charleston, WV
June 4: Charlotte, NC
June 5: Raleigh, NC
June 11: Tampa, FL
June 12: W Palm Beach, FL
June 13: Jacksonville, FL

After their dates together, Trey will continue dates on their Farewell Tour and Rich will return to headlining shows with country rocker Jason Aldean.


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