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Bury Your Dead Drummer Mark Castillo Switches To SABIAN

Metal Player Chooses AAX Because They Cut Through The latest signing by SABIAN Artist Relations Manager Chris Stankee is Bury Your Dead drummer Mark Castillo. Castillo – whose Boston-based band has been shaking up the metal scene with such albums as Beauty and the Breakdown, Bury Your Dead, and the latest, It’s Nothing Personal – switched to SABIAN on the basis of cymbal sound and durability. “I’m a really hard hitter,” said Castillo. “As much as I love cymbals, they don’t always love me, which is why I’m now playing SABIAN. I really like AAX because they’ve got such a bright and cutting sound, and their bronze is really tough and doesn’t break. Then there’s the fact that such great drummers as Mike Portnoy, Vinnie Paul, Mike Wengren, Bill Ward, and a lot of other heavy hitters play SABIAN. This all adds up to why I switched.” Added Stankee from his Burbank, California, office: “Vinnie Paul turned me on to Mark, which is about the best recommendation any metal player can get. Not only does Mark have power, his groove is very impressive, with top notch double-bass chops in tunes like Hurting Not Helping. Like Vinnie, Ray Luzier, Jimmy Sullivan, and Roy Mayorga, Mark plays with power and intelligence. His AAX cymbals, especially the 17″ AAX X-Plosion and 18″ AAX Metal crashes, are perfect because they give him the power and durability for Bury Your Dead.” Bury Your Dead recently finished opening for Disturbed on their Music as a Weapon Tour, wrapped up a 22-date tour of the USA and Canada, and are headed to Europe to play the major festivals. Mark Castillo’s SABIAN set-up consists of: 15″ AAX X-Celerator Hats 14″ AAX Stage Hats 17″ AAX X-Plosion Crash 10″ AAX Splash 12″ AAX Splash 20″ HH Dark Chinese 17″ AAX X-Treme Chinese 18″ AAX Metal Crash 19″ AA Rock Crash (All cymbals in Brilliant Finish)


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