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Busting the BIGGEST Drummer Myths About Success. Ray Luzier of Korn

Like many professional drummers, Ray Luzier caught the bug early. His career has taken him a long way, not just physically from the farms of Pennsylvania to the hustle of Hollywood Boulevard, but also from playing Alex Van Halen’s drum parts with David Lee Roth to creating his own rhythms floating around the percussive sounds of KORN bandmate and bass player “Fieldy” (Reginald Arvizu).


Born in small-town Pennsylvania, Ray knew if he was going to make a music career work, he’d need to make some big moves (nearly 2,500 miles to be exact), and over 30 years later he’s become one of the best Hard Rock/Metal Drummers working today. As if his current 10+ year run with KORN wasn’t enough, Ray’s resume features bands like KXM, Jonathan Davis and the SFA, Army of Anyone, Jake E. Lee, Stone Temple Pilots, David Lee Roth, The Nixons, Tracy G, Billy Sheehan, Steel Panther, Bang Tango, and even a gig with the K-Pop Group, KAT-TUN.


We had a chance to sit down with Ray for SABIAN’s Green Room Series to discuss his unique approach to drumming gathered over the past three decades and some of the biggest myths about success in the industry.


Some of Ray’s favorite Cymbals: 


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