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Calvin Napper Releases New Dvd!

Rhythmic Inspiration brilliantly showcases Calvin’s well rounded stylistic approach to drumming in diverse music genres. While he may be well-known for contributing his talents to some of Gospel’s premiere artists, some which have earned him platinum and gold sales as well as Grammy certification, this dvd features Calvin expressing himself in styles such as: Jazz Fusion, Odd Times, Funk, Big Band/Swing, Improv and soloing over a band comp. The focal point of this dvd is on becoming a more musical drummer, full of CREATIVE, INSPIRATIONAL INSIGHT! With a hugely extensive background as a contemporary-gospel drummer, with credits on projects from Donnie McClurkin, Donald Lawrence and The Tri-City Singers, Karen Clark-Sheard, Shirley Caesar, John P. Kee, Bishop T.D. Jakes and The Potter’s House Mass Choir to name a few, Calvin Napper shows us through discipline, dedication and heart how he transitioned from background to front and center on his sophomore dvd, Rhythmic Inspiration.

Please visit to view the trailer as well as purchase the Dvd or view the trailer on YouTube Also available for purchase at “A musical cymbal set is a very important part of my sound. Thats why I chose SABIAN as my cymbal of choice. The ‘Tone Projection’ of the AAXplosion,HHXtreme and HHX Evolution series provide a vast array of musical textures towards any style“.

13”Evolution Hats 15”AAXplosion Crash 17”HHX Evolution Crash 10”HH Splash 21”HH Raw-Bell Dry Ride 17”HHXtreme Crash 14”AAX Chinese 18”HHX Evolution O-Zone Crash


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