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Canadian Ar Report

While on a family vacation in eastern Canada, Windsor, ON native Terry Lesperance travelled to Meductic, New Brunswick to visit the SABIAN factory. At SABIAN Terry toured the facility, met the staff and had some time in the vault with Mark Love to select cymbals. Terry is a very busy studio drummer in the Detroit area, mainly lending his talents to movie and television soundtracks.

Dustin Steinke of Bleeker Ridge and Ben Shillabeer of Social Code recently performed in Saint John, New Brunswick at The 3 Mile Club. Social Code is promoting their latest release “Rock & Roll” while Bleaker Ridge will release their first album this September. Both bands rocked it hard on a very warm night in July!

A few weeks later Regina’s Jayson Brinkworth performed at the city of Saint John’s 225 anniversary concert with Canadian country star Aaron Pritchett. After spectacular fireworks Aaron and the band took to the stage and played country hits from his extensive catalogue of songs. Commented Jayson Brinkworth “I began using a HHX O-zone crash recently and it’s unbelievable how it fits into the country genre and it also really cuts, even at these outdoor gigs”.

Flavio Cirillo has landed the drum gig with Hail the Villain. They will be touring this summer with fellow SABIAN artists from Disturbed, Avenge Sevenfold, Stone Sour & Hellyeah on the Rockstar Energy Uproar tour in North America. Congrats Flav!!

Long-time SABIAN endorser Charlie Cooley is known as one of the hardest working drummers in Canada! The summer of 2010 has been insane for Charlie. He has been on the road with The Guess Who, Sass Jordan, Haywire, and Kellylee Evans to name a few. Yet, he found time to drop by the SABIAN factory and exchange some cymbals and say hello! Check out Charlie on September 23 & 24 in Toronto at The Glenn Gould Theatre with world beat jazz group Manteca.

Daniel Adair and Nickelback have announced another leg of the “Dark Horse” tour. They will be performing through North America this fall with Three Days Grace (Neil Sanderson) and Buckcherry (Xavier Muriel). Three SABIAN artists on one bill and the tour will end in Las Vegas on Halloween! Vegas will never be the same!


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