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Canadian Dealers Visit The Factory!

SABIAN welcomed a large group of Canadian retailers and Coast Music representatives on June 10th and 11th, 2010. Travelling from the most western and eastern provinces of Canada, and everywhere in between, almost 50 visitors landed at the factory in Meductic, NB, next to the serene Saint John River.


Thursday morning was comprised of a factory tour, product training and time in the famous Vault to select cymbals. The visitors also had time to talk with SABIAN’s product specialists and tried their best at the art of hand-hammering. "Having the opportunity to visit the factory of SABIAN to meet the people, realize the actual level of quality and see the true passion of the company was an absolute thrill!  This was an experience that exceeded all of my expectations and I am so grateful to have been included", said Ryan Hamilton of Just Drums in Toronto, ON.


The afternoon was filled with informative sessions that included special guest speakers Tracy Hoeft of Guruz Media and Lane Davy from Gon Bops. The dealers were educated about SABIAN’s latest online initiatives and upcoming marketing activities. The afternoon ended with an enlightening feedback session.


Nigel Maynard of Long & McQuade in Markham, ON had the following to say about the world-renowned cymbal manufacturer: "I recently had the honor of visiting the BEST cymbal company on the planet.  SABIAN. The term 'best" is not only derived from awesome cymbals, or the cool new ideas – it also meansthe ability to be the most real and down to earth people you will meet, who thoroughly enjoy their work. Nobody does that like the good people at SABIAN. You guys have me for life”. 


Added Scott Atkins of Canadian distributor Coast Music: “the opportunity to see Sabian on the inside is always a magical experience for anyone involved with both the performance and the retail sales side of the music industry.  The power of networking with fellow retailers, colleagues, distributor and manufacturer, combined with the hands-on experience of witnessing the craftsmanship and marketing energy within Sabian, provided a once-in-a-lifetime experience for our retail partners".


A special thanks to Andrew King, editor of Canadian Music Trades Magazine who represented Norris-Whitney Communications. On behalf of the SABIAN family, thanks to all who made the trek to SABIAN – we hope you had an enjoyable and informative trip!


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