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Carmine Appice Clinic Rocks The Music Farm

Over 300 Give Legendary Rocker Standing OvationsCarmine Appice is a drummer with a long, sensational history. Squeezing even just the highlights of his 40+ years in the business onto the video presentation that opened this clinics would be a challenge, but seeing him and the Vanilla Fudge hammering out ‘You Keep Me Hanging On‘ to a screaming audience on the Ed Sullivan Show is just one reminder of how this guy from Brooklyn defined Rock Drumming as we know it today.

After being blown away by the video, he quickly nailed, launching into his signature power grooves, fills, and off-time patterns before stretching out into some soloing – the stuff you’ll find in his ‘Realistic Rock‘ book (and DVD) – and receiving a standing ovation. Another great thing about Carmine doing a clinic (he was the first to do rock drumming clinics) is that he involves the audience… he makes sure everyone has a good time.

To put his playing into context, Carmine was joined by guitarist Vinnie Moore (UFO) and Elliot Rubinson, and together they ripped and roared as only guys who


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