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Carmine Appice Knocks Them Out In Italy

Carmine Appice, fresh from blowing away a packed audience at the massive Frankfurt Musikmesse in Germany, also did his magic in Italy before heading home to the USA .

"It was great," said the legendary rocker. "I played to a total of about 400 people at two clinics – the Merula Music Shop in Bra and the Toscani Theatre in Parma – and got standing ovations at both. People knew me from my time with Jeff Beck, Ozzy, and Rod Stewart, but also from the Vanilla Fudge. The Fudge really launched the whole progressive rock movement, though we didn’t know it at the time. And in Italy, prog rock is huge with drummers."

In addition to material from his Realistic Rock book (the all-time best selling drum book), Carmine also ‘rockafied’ passages from Jim Chapin’s Stick Control.

"I got some of the people up on another kit and we played various time signatures. It was a blast."

Report: Wayne BlanchardPhoto: Marco Soccoli


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