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Chad Smith Plays Japan

Not only were the Red Hot Chili Pepper Stadium Arcadium dates in Japan a big hit, so was Chad Smith’s Tokyo clinic. Playing the ESP Music Academy to an audience of two hundred (including many SABIAN endorsers and dealers), the drummer put on a show that, according to Takuya (from SABIAN distributor for Japan, Pearl Drum Co.) ‘could not be greater.’ Added Takuya: "The seminar began with Chad’s drum solo, then he was joined by Japanese ladies band ”e-ha? ”. Together with e-ha? drummer Mittan they grooved on tunes ranging from James Brown to Led Zeppelin. The crowd was very excited, with the highlight of the show happening when Japanese drummers Tomoo Tsuruya, Toshi Nagai; TO-BU, an instructor of ESP; and Tetsu, who looked after Chad for the day, stepped on stage and played drums with the RHCP drummer. Although he had to move to Osaka for the next RHCP concert, Chad answered questions from the audience until the very last minute".

Another big hit of the show were the SABIAN Chad Smith t-shirts, designed in collaboration with Chad. Chad’s SABIAN Set-up (all Brilliant Finish) 21" AA Rock Ride 14" AAX-Celerator Hats 18.5" Signature Explosion Crash 20.5" Signature Explosion Crash 19" AA Rock Crash 20" AA Chinese 10" AA Splash


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