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Charlie Morgan Does The Bond Theme

I was due to join Orleans on a short tour of Germany and Holland in late September, so I made plans to visit my folks in the UK for a week prior to flying to Hamburg. One night in early September I was Instant Messaging with my old friend, Bond movie Composer David Arnold. I mentioned I was going to be in the UK in the 3rd week of September, and would he like to have lunch. He told me they were currently in the middle of the latest Bond movie score, and could I get over a few days early. Apparently they were planning to re-record the original Bond Theme tune (The Monty Norman penned "Twangy guitar" instrumental one) with a 71 piece orchestra), and he would love to have me on the session. Well, I could not pass by such an opportunity, so I
changed my outward bound travel to arrive on the 12th. After picking up my rental car, I went straight to my lockup to fetch the drum kit I have there in storage (an Ermine-White Premier Genista). Back at my parents’ place, I quickly assembled it to make sure I knew how (after 4 years)!

On the afternoon of Saturday 13th September, I made my way to AIR
Lyndhurst studios, where the last day of recording for "A Quantum of Solace" was taking place. Apart from being a really fun thing to be doing it was also a chance to meet some session cats I had not seen for almost a decade. In fact the LAST time I was in AIR Studios was for Bj


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