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Chris Johnson Demos HHX Complex

Chris Johnson Plays the New HHX Complex from SABIAN


You need a cymbal line that offers a wider spectrum of sounds and more colors on your palette to paint with. As an artist, you deserve a cymbal line that is as complex as you are. That’s why SABIAN will never stop innovating. That’s why we’ve brought you the latest line in HHX — HHX COMPLEX.


HHX Complex

  • HHX Complex is a new line of exquisitely dark cymbals.
  • One of the richest, sweetest lines SABIAN has ever produced.
  • HH and HHX hammering bring out lows and complexity of tone.
  • Versatility that easily crosses musical styles.

Chris Johnson Plays HHX Complex

We got the chance to sit down with the legendary Chris Johnson with credits like Camila Cabello, Lady Gaga, Jlo, Rihanna, Stevie Wonder, and many others to check out the new HHX Complex line. Needless to say, he had everyone picking their jaws up off the floor with his funky ‘Blynd Groove’.


“The New HHX Complex series are more on the line of how I want my cymbals to sound — really big and controllable.” -Chris Johnson


Sabian Unbound - Cymbals, Artists, Drummers
Sabian Unbound - Cymbals, Artists, Drummers


For more on Chris Johnson, check out his SABIAN ARTIST BIO, Follow him on Instagram at @Johnsonout, or his website. To check out the full line of HHX Complex with more videos from the amazing Chris Johnson click the link below.


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