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The Coachella Valley Music & Arts Festival took place last weekend near Palm Springs, CA. The yearly festival brings nearly 75,000 fans from around the world to the desert to see bands on the cutting edge during the day and some of the biggest bands in the world at night headlining for 3 straight days. This edition saw some problems due to the volcanic eruption in Iceland causing many of the European and UK artists to miss their flights, but the show was still a huge success.

Headlining the first night was Jay Z with Sabian artist Tony Royster Jr. on drums. This was the first time a straight up rapper headlined Coachella and judging by the crowd size and reaction it won’t be the last. Also on the mainstage Friday were Latin Rock superstars Calle 13 with Ismael Cancel on drums. Ismael is used to playing in front of large crowds having performed in front of almost half a million people a few weeks ago in Cuba. Endorser Fernando Torreblanca also performed with Alana Grace as did Cliff Sarcona and his band As Tall As Lions who were able to work in the Coachella fest in the middle of their ‘You Can’t Take It With You’ tour. Saturday kicked off at 12:30 with the Rx Bandits and got the place amped up! Drummer Chris Tsgakis is a firebrand. The mainstage featured Coheed & Cambria with superdrummer Chris Pennie. The band just released their new album Year Of The Black Rainbow last Tuesday and is the first one featuring Chris on the drums. Coheed will continue to tour the US into June and if you want to see them you better get your tickets now because it’s already selling out. Then they head overseas to play some of the biggest music festivals in the world like Download in the UK, Greenfield in Sweden, Glastonbury in the UK, Sonisphere in Spain and Summer Sonic in Japan. Chris is also appearing at the Modern Drummer Festival in May.

Photos (Fernando Torreblanca) – Maria Ruvalcaba


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