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Community Member Product Reviews – Vault Fierce Crash And Hh Rock Ride

The following is the fifth installment of a series of articles from SABIAN Community members who were asked to submit original reviews, road stories and drum/percussion articles.

19" Signature (now Vault) Fierce Crash

I am sure some Zone users / Community members would correct me by noting that Signature is now part of the Vault collection, but my particular Fierce Crash is adorned with the Signature logo, so that is what I will call it. It is a thin-weight, heavily hammered crash cymbal that produces a big trashy sound. First I would like to mention how great the hammering looks with the brilliant finish from above and below – it looks fantastic under stage lights. I personally prefer thinner crashes for their quicker response, and this cymbal never fails to satisfy. It works nicely with my 18" HHX Evolution and Vault crashes, both of which have a slightly higher pitch than the Fierce; they complement the trashy nature of the Fierce crash with their clean, complex tones. I have used the Fierce crash for all types of rock styles; the  pairing of the Vault and Fierce was my number one set-up for about three years.

22" HH Rock Ride

Mike Portnoy calls the 22" HH Rock Ride "old reliable" and i have to agree with him on the fact that it works for anything heavier than jazz. This is my go-to ride cymbal for almost everything that I do with drums – it is the perfect balance of bright, dark, pingy, washy, and it has plenty of complex tones to boot (although I do sometimes find myself wanting something more medium-weight at times). It has a great bell, and with the brilliant finish of my cymbal, it also looks great under stage lights – especially with my Vault Fierce crashes.

Written by: Ryan Masecar (Community Profile: dwsabianguy)


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