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Cymbal Summit 2010 At Memphis Drum Shop

In early May SABIAN personnel attended the first ever Cymbal Summit at Memphis Drum Shop.  This was a two day event dedicated to cymbals and those who love them. All cymbals were on sale during the Cymbal Summit – drummers lucky enough to attend were greeted with the largest cymbal inventory in the world!


SABIAN participated with an exclusive list of cymbal manufacturers in an event designed to give cymbal enthusiasts from around the world unprecedented access to cymbal manufacturers.  Andy Zildjian (SABIAN President), Nort Hargrove (Vice President of Manufacturing), Mark Love (Master Product Specialist), Dwight Grant (Master Hand Hammerer), and Greg Zeller (US Sales) were on hand representing SABIAN.  Special guest artists Jack DeJohnette and Jojo Mayer were also in attendance for seminars and performances. 


One of the many highlights for guests was an opportunity to sit in during a round table discussion between all of the SABIAN personnel, including Jack DeJohnette and Jojo Mayer.  This unique setting gave SABIAN team members an opportunity to discuss everything from company history to manufacturing and design techniques.  Jack and Jojo contributed valuable insight as to how an artist’s sound concept becomes an actual product.  This 75 minute presentation captivated attendees and provided a wealth of information and education to all who attended.


While in Tennessee, SABIAN product specialists spent two days at the Memphis Drum shop talking with customers about SABIAN’s philosophy, manufacturing techniques, all while helping with their cymbal selections. Dwight Grant travelled from the SABIAN factory in Meductic, NB to be on-site to give hand hammering demonstrations.  Most who attended had never seen this practice in action.  Many guests took a turn at hammering and quickly realized the skill required to master this technique. 


Friday evening concluded with a concert featuring various artists including Jojo Mayer.  Jojo’s amazing technique dazzled the audience as did his unique cymbal setup.  The Vault Fierce cymbals on his kit provided a host of interesting tonal colors.  His creativity did not stop with his performance – Jojo also incorporated an 18” Picante Hand Crash in his set up.  The ultra quick response of this cymbal generates an interesting crash tone but also allows for defined stick articulation when playing the inner portion of the bow. 


SABIAN was honored to be invited to participate in the first ever Memphis Cymbal Summit and we all look forward to working with Jim & Nancy Pettit of Memphis Drum Shop in the future.  Thanks to all who made this wonderful event a reality. 



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