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Dave Weckl Clinic Tour

I am a lucky man as I have been able to turn my passion for music into a career. Like many of you I started out life with an insatiable desire to play the drums. There was no obvious inspiration for this life quest, but I knew this is what I wanted to do. Playing the drums ultimately changed my life in many ways. I my early 20’s I was what I would consider to be the typical drum guy. I started teaching privately and from there expanded that experience into working the sales floor at the local retail store where I taught. I would drive 3 hours to New York from Philly to take lessons all the while taking any gig I could get my hands on.

In life we all go through peaks, valleys, and plateaus in whatever we do, but every once in a while, if we are lucky enough, we’ll get hit with an epiphany right between the eyes. One such epiphany hit me right between the eyes more than 20 years ago and I remember it like it was yesterday. I was teaching one Saturday and one of my students came in for his lesson. He had a look of excitement in his eyes as he ran into the lesson room yelling, "You have to hear this!" He handed me a square piece of floppy vinyl that he pulled out of that month’s Modern Drummer. On that vinyl was a recording by a young drummer who was making waves in the music world. For those of you who have not yet reached the age of dirt, at one time music was actually recorded on vinyl. The tune was Spur of the Moment and the Drummer was Dave Weckl.

I took that little piece of vinyl home and it forever changed the way I approached the drum set. As life would have it, I found my way to Sabian and eventually had the opportunity to work with Dave on a number of occasions. This is one of those occasions. Day One:The first stop on this tour is in Portland Maine for The Drum Shop. Chris, Shane, Josh (AKA Folgers) and all at The Drum Shop did a great job of hosting the event. As it turned out, Portland is the home town of Lucas Ives who is Dave’s regular drum tech on the road. Lucas made the trip up from New York to help out on this stop. The clinic was held in Falmouth High School in a beautiful theater. A crowd of more than 150 welcomed Dave with a very warm reception. Dave started the clinic with an inspired solo that took the listener on an amazing percussive journey. Those who came to see Dave play definitely got what they came for. But not only were they treated to an amazing performance, they also received a text book worth of valuable information that if applied to one


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