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Envision Performing Arts In The Running To Win $250,000 From Chase Community Giving

Reno, Nevada – eNVision Performing Arts, a Reno/Sparks based non-profit organization working to promote the performing arts in Northern Nevada is competing with charities nationwide for donations of up to $250,000 through the Chase Community Giving program. Residents can help ensure their favorite
charity’s success by simply voting for eNVision Performing Arts through the Chase Community Giving program running on the Facebook platform. Through the utilization of the social media networks, the Chase Community Giving program has already directed more than $15 million dollars toward charities nationwide, putting the power to bring positive change across the nation into the hands of those who need it most. Due to enthusiasm, the program is being continued this fall – giving hundreds of additional charities, including SABIAN endorsed eNVision Performing Arts the opportunity to win grants to further their mission.

“eNVision is constantly striving provide area youth an outlet to perform while receiving high levels of education. Receiving even the minimum award of $25,000 would be an unbelievable opportunity to ensure that we can continue to provide our unique opportunities to youth and the community for years to come” said eNVision Performing Arts Director, Aaron Hines.

The fall 2011 round of the Chase Community Giving program is designed to benefit smaller and local charities by limiting participation to 501c3 charities with operating budgets under $1 million. The top eligible charity receives $250,000 and the remaining 99 top charities earn $25,000 through $100,000 awards. More than $3 million dollars will be distributed to top vote-getters. Charities previously awarded grants through Chase Community Giving are not eligible for this round of competition.

eNVision Performing Arts is competing with thousands of charities across the country for awards from Chase. With the support of our volunteers, fans and local residents, eNVision has the opportunity to receive much needed resources to implement large-scale changes to the organization.

Past member William Velez said, “eNVision Performing Arts provides tremendous opportunity. Without being around the inspiring role models and the accomplished and distinguished instructors the organization holds, my life would have kept spiraling down. They gave me a way out from bad influences and bad situations. Playing in the Drumline and performing in front of thousands of people has opened up new doors, creating a new landscape for my life and how I approach my day to day roles.”

How You Can Help

You can help eNVision Performing Arts win up to $250,000 by simply “Liking” the Chase Community Giving program at: http://apps.facebook.com/chasecommunitygiving/ and casting your vote to determine this fall’s winners.

If you have questions about eNVision Performing Arts or would like to get involved, please contact Aaron Hines at [email protected] or call 775-232-4082.

About eNVision Performing Arts

eNVision Performing Arts was founded in 2007 and is a non-profit youth organization that promotes the Arts throughout Nevada. We work to bring the community the cutting edge performances while utilizing all sorts of music and dance throughout many different genres. Our members have the opportunity to receive outstanding instruction from a distinguished staff, tour different parts of the country and meet people from around the world. Lessons such as discipline, perseverance, and collaboration will assist these youth throughout their lives. They will learn more about themselves through performance while getting the opportunity to grow as people.

eNVision has been fortunate to take a percussion group to the Winter Guard International World Championships for the past three years placing in the top 10; last year being voted the fans favorite. eNVision has performed in the Reno/Sparks community more than 60 times in our short 4-year existence.
Whether it be for grand openings, conventions, rallies, holidays events, airport events, Artown, UNR Men’s and Women’s basketball games or any other performance, an eNVision performance adds a unique dynamic that always energizes any crowd and is excusive to our community.

eNVision is an outstanding program for the Reno/Sparks area. Since our inception in 2007 we have seen the activity in the area flourish. We have produced instructors to go back into the schools and teach our specialty activity where it is needed. We have been very visible in the Reno/Sparks area and want to
continue being the premier percussions, guard, and dance program in the area.


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