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Factory Enjoys Live Outdoor Performance

SABIAN endorser Dan Stadnicki is currently touring across Canada with singer-songwriter Liam Titcomb in an effort to raise awareness and funds for War Child Canada. They visited the factory Wednesday, July 15th, 2009 and treated SABIAN staff to an outdoor afternoon performance.After the performance, SABIAN’s Terry Ryan presented a donation to War Child Canada on behalf of the factory. Later in the day, they toured the factory, tried their best at hand-hammering, and picked up some prototypes. Said Titcomb on their official blog the next day: “We were like kids in a candy store…In the end we both got a couple prototype cymbals in each set… Dan and I couldn’t stop laughing on the way back to the RV with our new full cymbal bags on our shoulders. Imagine taking a 6 year old to the Wonka factory and saying ‘Go ahead, eat ANYTHING you like!’ “.Liam and Dan start their coast to coast busking tour in support of War Child Canada this Saturday, July 18th in St. John’s, NL . That’s right – free concerts across Canada this summer!


From Liam’s website:Liam’s relationship with War Child started in 2003, when his song “War” became part of the Peace Songs album which included Bruce Cockburn, Elvis Costello, Paul McCartney, Leonard Cohen etc. He has always been honored to take part in any of War Child’s projects like the Busking For Change events that took place last year. He is thrilled to be able to step up to the plate and Busk Coast to Coast this summer. For as long as he can remember he has been conscious of the power of music to bring joy, spark awareness and create change. For Titcomb, fundraisers are a staple diet – he was raised on them. Remembering one Christmas day, age 11 and playing music outside in 10 degree weather for the homeless people of Toronto’s Tent City, he jokes about “what it might have been like to have been raised in a less socially conscious environment”.Titcomb believes that “Every one of us can make a difference – if we try. This tour is NOT about celebrity – it is about you and me helping out a little where we can. Want to join the TEAM and see what we can do together?”


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