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Frank Bellucci Clinic

Sensational New York drummer Frank Bellucci is someone who the world should know about. With incredible technique and a great sense of style, Frank plays with passion and precision. Though you may yet to hear of him, some of the greatest names in drumming are Frank’s biggest fans.

At his recent Listen – Learn – Create clinic at the Huntington, New York Sam Ash location, Frank delivered a fiery performance that touched on the many points he incorporates in his playing."People don’t realize what’s involved with drumming," said Frank. "Dynamics, feel, technique, groove, tempo, and soloing are the obvious points. Then there is endurance, form, reading, listening, balance, control, attitude, breathing… there’s so much more. That’s what I teach… The complete picture so drummers can listen, learn and create for themselves."Added SABIAN senior marketing manager Wayne Blanchard: "Frank Bellucci has always been an amazing player whose performances at events like the NAMM show were real attractions. Coming from New York he understands the history of drum set playing going back through the decades. He can swing, groove or solo and more than hold his own with the best of rest. And he can teach, which is why he is so valuable to the drumming community. More players should know about Frank Bellucci."


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