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Frankfurt? Yes, We Were There

New Cymbals, an Autograph Session, Performances… Busy!

We may be a bit slow letting you know SABIAN was at Frankfurt, but we were there. In fact while the other major cymbal brands made serious cutbacks and dramatically shrunk the size of their displays, SABIAN was there in full force for this four-day event!

Who else was there? If you hung around our booth you would have seen Rammstein’s Christoph Schneider, Jojo Mayer, top German drummer Claus Hessler and young hotshot Moritz Mueller, one of the kings of the UK session scene Ralph Salmins, Dom Famularo, Seven Antonopoulus, Mylious Johnson… Some visited, some performed in the big Agora Tent, and some were there for the big SABIAN Autograph Signing that attracted several hundred fans and almost got us shut down by security!

What were the big hits? There was a ‘No Noise’ ruling in place, with ‘Noise Police’ everywhere, but the newly remastered Vault Artisan Crash blew everyone away with its dark, lush tone. And all those ‘Killer’ models – like the X-Plosions, the X-Tremes, the X-Celerators, and the O-Zones in the centre of the display were unbelievably popular. Paragon Brilliant was also a hit, as was the new entry-level SBr.

The day after the show, everybody headed home, except for our Christian Koch and Wayne Blanchard, who ferried Jojo Mayer around southern German for three sold-out clinic dates.


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