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Fresh SABIAN Sounds For Germany

Germany’s Elite Music School Gets New Artisan Crashes and More

The Pop Akademie in Mannheim, Germany, that elite school of music tuition and business near Frankfurt, is the first teaching facility in the country to add the newly remastered SABIAN Vault Artisan Crash to its inventory of cymbals. This happened as the school updated its teaching and recording set-ups with a selection of new SABIAN sounds.

Sitting alongside a canal near the center of the city, this modern two-building facility teaches everything to become a professional musician, from composing and playing, to recording and producing, to package design and marketing. The Akademie accepts only the most dedicated and promising players, with SABIAN player Moritz Mueller, as well as other top German drummers including Benny Grebb, and Jost Nickel as successful students.

With the cool title of Professor of Pop Music (really he’s the Artistic Director & Business Chief), Udo Dahmen has taught drumming and directed various other activities at the Akademie since 2003. With his long hair and career as a top session drummer – credits include Jack Bruce (Cream), Sting, Lake, Kraan, and Eberhard Schoener  – plus years teaching at the Musikhochschule in Hamburg, Udo is ideal for this role. And he’s excited about the talent that applies for placement at the school: “There are many great young drummers in Germany, but this year, of 85 applicants I am taking only 7 students.” Talk about being selective!

In addition to the re-mastered Vault Crash (with raw bell design), new models for the Akademie included Vault Artisan Medium rides, HHX X-Treme crashes, some HHX Legacy models, HHX Evolution O-Zone crashes, Vault Fierce models, and Choppers.

I heard these new-design Artisan crashes at the Musikmesse,” said Dahmen, “and they are absolutely great. They are old, traditional sounds delivered with a modern twist.



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