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Futureman Presents: The Black Mozart

"Furtureman Presents: The Black Mozart" is the 18th century story of a great musician’s epic rise from slavery to chivalry."Furtureman Presents: The Black Mozart" is a original American classical work that brings to life the lost history of classical music’s 18th century American Hero, Le Chevalier de St. Georges. The legacy of a musician, who was often called "the American" or "the Black Mozart," unfolds in this eight movement symphony concertante which resurrects the drama of the Age of Enlightenment at the height of the World Slave Trade when the worst of times conspired with the best. The symphonic performance incorporates diverse musical and artistic talent to embody harmony through diversity. The Black Mozart Ensemble embraces the enduring message that the power of music can transcend all social and human barriers. The inspiration for this symphony concertante came to Futureman years ago when he was first introduced to the life and history of Saint Georges. Upon reading and hearing about this forgotten hero, he began composing music for an all-encompassing artistic performance, which would include scenes from music history with modern influences to enliven and entertain audiences across the globe. The Black Mozart is truly an all encompassing artistic experience. In the spirit and philosophy of St. Georges


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