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Greg Grainger With Acoustic Alchemy, U.k.

Greg Grainger is one of the hidden gems on the session scene. Passionate for the instrument from the age of 19, and together with brother Gary Grainger, they partnered to form a rhythm section kicking out some major sessions.Greg also took the drumseat on the 1988 tour with Whitney Houston and has worked on projects with Lonnie Liston Smith and Kim Waters. Today he continues his contagious smooth jazz grooves with British based Acoustic Alchemy. RHYTHM magazine has christened his work as ‘solid and tasteful’ and dubbed him ‘a rhythm master’.His collaboration with Greg Carmichael (Acoustic Alchemy) in 1985 has given him commitment to this acoustic smooth jazz guitar group. Caught at the Pizza Express Jazz Club in London’s Soho his performance was commanding, expressive and a commitment for playing for the song – a great example of discipline and musicality.His brand of smooth jazz drumming leads him to a combination of cymbals across the SABIAN range. Always sensitive to tone and volume Greg chooses 21" HHX Groove Ride for its retro sound for the blended tones and crash qualities. 14" HHX X-Cellerator Hats with its controllable dark projection gives it the cutting edge in this set-up.


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