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HHX Complex Reviews are Here

Read what the drum community is saying about our latest innovation.

Unless you’re off the grid, you’ve heard the drumming community talking about the dark, rich tones of HHX Complex. This next evolution in the HHX line is changing the rules of the game for what you can expect from a modern cymbal.

For a group of cymbal makers who live for all things drums, the most exciting part about the launch of HHX Complex is the reaction from the drumming community. We’ve compiled some of our favorite reviews so far to make your next addition to your kit an easy decision.

SABIAN HHX Complex Cymbals Demo | Sweetwater

New SABIAN HHX – Thin, Medium, Complex! | Drum Center of Portsmouth

Dave Elitch on SABIAN HHX Complex Cymbals | zZounds


It’s not just our retail partners and endorsed artists we love hearing from. Some of our favorite reviews of HHX Complex have come from the comments section:

Complex in the Wild: Matt McGuire - The Chainsmokers

We recently sat down with Matt McGuire and drum tech Jay Reynolds on The Chainsmokers world War Joy tour. Matt is using a 19″ HHX Complex Thin Crash as his go to while playing sold out arenas.


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