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Holy China – A Brand New Chinese Cymbal From SABIAN

Explosive new model developed with Chad Smith.

SABIAN introduces Holy China – the latest cymbal model added to the SABIAN Vault collection. Using SABIAN innovation and forward-thinking cymbal design, the Holy China features a higher profile to raise the pitch, holes for volume and sustain, and a large, unfinished bell for cut and durability. This is truly a modern China cymbal.

This is the first cymbal of its kind we’ve ever developed,” says SABIAN Master Product Specialist Mark Love. “Fans of SABIAN O-Zone cymbals will immediately notice the smaller, more frequent hole pattern. The smaller holes create a smooth attack without the lows and distortion created by the larger O-Zone holes. And they look really cool, too!

The Holy China is not for the faint of heart. The combination of 51 holes in the 19" model (64 holes in the 21" model!), large raw bell, high profile and wide lip create a monster of loudness and cut. It’s a unique and explosive package, and it was developed with Red Hot Chili Peppers drummer Chad Smith – only from SABIAN.

See Chad Smith and the China Attack Video at www.SabianHolyChina.com

Sizes: 19", 21"
Weight: Thin
Finish: Natural (Brilliant is optional)
Metal: B20 Bronze
Warranty: Two Years

19" CS1916
21" CS2116
For Brilliant Finish add ‘B’ to end of part #
(example: CS1916B)


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