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Jeff Burrows Back On The Road With New Group, Crash Karma

The self-titled debut from Toronto’s Crash KarmaEdwin (ex-I Mother Earth), drummer Jeff Burrows (ex-The Tea Party), guitarist Mike Turner (ex-Our Lady Peace) – is the result of three musicians with multi-platinum pedigrees coming together with one equally skilled musician, Amir Epstein (ex-Zygote).

A couple of months into the project, I realized that we really did have something here,” says Edwin. “I could identify elements of all four of our previous bands but they were uniquely gelling to form a new sound. Whether it’s a subtle suggestion from the old bands or an obvious one, it worked and the combination sounded really good together. I guess I started getting excited then.

Interestingly, while Edwin, Mike and Jeff were all contributing songwriters in IME, OLP and TTP respectively, in Zygote Amir was the primary one. And that’s how this new band began. Amir, the one most excited and eager to make this work at the time, took some acoustic songs and ideas over to The Pocket.
Self-produced by Mike at The Pocket, Crash Karma is an all-out rock record with songs that are heavy, intricate, big, intense and melodic with a sound that can only result from the combination of these four guys with their respective history, chemistry and musical prowess.

The first single “Awake” is a psychedelic, other-worldly percussive rock trip into a higher consciousness; “Fight” is an aggressive accusatory punch-up about reflection and perseverance; the mercurial “Next Life” hopes for a different outcome from the troubles of this life, while the acoustic ballad, “Lost” (featuring guitarist Ian Thornley), is sentimental and tender. The insistent rocker, “Man I Used to Be,” is a reminder that the past only has value if you learn from it.

Commented Terry Ryan-SABIAN Canadian Sales & Artist Relations Manager “ As a fan of The Tea Party and especially Jeff’s drumming, it’s great to see him back on stage doing what he does best. Awesome performance at Silverado’s and a rockin’ band!

Crash Karma has ended up with a fantastic album that will easily join the ranks of releases from their previous bands of which they are still proud. Crashing karmically indeed, the four have running jokes now and a camaraderie that came not just from their musical connection, but friendship.

Crash Karma is currently on tour in Canada.


(Bio material provided by www.crashkarma.com)


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