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Jen Ledger of Skillet: “Basement Drummers” Beware – Attitude Matters, But Not the Way You Think


“Comparison will cripple and kill you.” Overcoming fear and insecurity, Jen Ledger feels she was meant to play drums and proves it every time she sits down behind the kit. 

Ledger says she’s glad she pushed through and stuck with it because she’s realized the power music can have on people. “It was honestly in the first few months of (touring with) Skillet, I’m just realizing that music is so much bigger than all the things I thought.” 

She’s been touring the world for over 11 years now with the hard rock band Skillet (as well as fronting her own band, Ledger), and isn’t stopping anytime soon – no matter what the haters say.

We had a chance to talk with Jen for SABIAN’s Green Room Series to hear her perspective on drumming and leveraging the impact of her platform.

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