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Joey Heredia Pumps Latin Funk Into Michael Ruff’s European Tour

Joey Heredia, the LA-based drummer whose wicked blend of latin and funk has made him a first-call session player and industry favorite, is currently on tour in Europe with vocalist Michael Ruff. Heredia, along with bassist/vocalist supremo Marco Mendoza, guitarist James Harrah, and vocalist Tata Vega are – according to our man in Germany, Christian Koch – "a really, really wicked band… so tight, so funky… such incredible players that you don’t even notice how small the band is because it sounds so big!"Joey loves AA El Sabor crashes: "The 16" El Sabor in Natural Finish is my favourite," he said. "I have five on my kit because they give that perfect combination of bright pitch, sustain and volume. I have so many because I want one wherever I am on the kit… I do a lot of fills and throw in quick accents, so I need one at the end of my stick wherever I am."Added Christian: "Joey’s remarkable style – a mix of solid time with fast single-stroke rolls and funky latin grooves – gets any club rocking. He is one of those great talents that more people should know about… so get out and see him on this tour with Ruff." For tour dates:’s set-up: 14" HH EQ Hats (w/the flat bottom cymbal as the top); 12" AA Mini Hats; 20" HH Medium-Heavy Ride; five 16" AA El Sabor crashes; 10" and 12" AAX splashes; 10" HH Splash; Carmine Appice Shade (a special effect)In October, Joey will be back in Europe, this time with another supreme talent, guitarist/vocalist Steve Lukather, where he could be playing anything from Jeff Beck and Jimi Hendrix covers to Lukather originals.

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