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Jojo Mayer Visits The Factory

Meductic, NB – SABIAN was pleased to welcome world-renowned drummer Jojo Mayer to the factory for three days during the week of February 16th, 2009. Born into a musical family in Switzerland, Mayer now divides his time between his home country and New York. He is currently among an all-star cast appearing on the cover of SABIAN’s 2009 Cymbal & Sound Guide. Jojo arrived later than expected on Monday because of weather/flight delays (that’s the chance you take when traveling in Canada during the winter!), but he was able to meet with SABIAN’s Marketing and Sales staff before the end of the work day. Tuesday was spent with SABIAN’s Master Product Specialist, Mark Love, in the Vault where they worked on prototype shapes and sounds – some of which will be further developed into personalized designs. Check out his current ‘Fierce’ models which are available in the SABIAN Vault Collection. On Tuesday afternoon SABIAN employees enjoyed a live 20-minute set of the unique drumming style that has made him one of the world’s most admired players. He then provided an explanation of the new sounds he is developing with Mark Love, and signed autographs. Local music stores and media were invited. Wednesday provided Jojo with more time to explore his ideas for new cymbals. He also provided an awesome set-up tour, sampling each cymbal; this will be posted on and in the coming days. If that’s not enough, and you want to hear more from Jojo, check out his #1 global bestseller DVD ‘Secret Weapons for the Modern Drummer’.Just last month, Jojo rocked the SABIAN Live show with his band Nerve at Winter NAMM in Anaheim, CA. In March and April he will be doing 3 tours in Europe with 3 different bands! Be sure to check out his performance schedule with Depart (starts March 11th in Wien, AT), Nerve (starts March 24th in Basel, CH) and the Oli Rockberger Band (starts April 9th in London, UK). Those who worked with Jojo during his visit shared some thoughts below:"Having worked with hundreds of drummers over the years I find Jojo to be one of the most talented and innovative thinkers that I have ever worked with. He’s always thinking outside the box and incorporating different cymbals and cymbal combinations to achieve the sounds that inspire his drumming." – Mark Love (Master Product Specialist)"We love having Jojo here! He has one of the most innovative minds in our industry, not to mention one of the kindest people I’ve ever met. He has been with SABIAN since 1987 (long before me) and is always a pleasure to work with. It’s a true testament to the abilities of our cymbal makers who create the sounds that Jojo needs in every style of music he plays. Jojo spent 2 full days experimenting with the team on the ideas he and Mark Love came up with at NAMM. When it was time to say goodbye, Jojo said to Mark "See you later Professor"… we’re going to have to wait patiently to see what they came up with!" – Stacey Montgomery-Clark (VP of Marketing)"I love talking with Jojo. He has a real passion for the experimentation in sound. You get excited when he is excited. He brought a lot of that this week in Canada. His creative juices were flowing and we have a lot to show for it. The question is: how many of these ideas can we turn into marketable products? That is the next step in the mental gymnastics he brings to us." – Andy Zildjian (President)


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